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Marty’s Menu

All by themselves, Marty’s Waffles are an extraordinary culinary experience. He started his waffle with a traditional Liège recipe and took creative liberties with it over time. From the visibly large granules of imported, Swedish pearl sugar that give Marty’s Waffles their caramelized crunch, down to the inclusion of his own, homemade, vanilla extract which adds to the depth of flavor and soft goodness, Marty’s Belgian sugar waffles are truly spectacular.

Marty’s ideas for scrumptious toppings and flavors to accompany his waffles are endless. We offer a wide variety of options to suit your sweet tooth, priding ourselves on seasonal specialties, in addition to our customers' year-round favorites. Our whipped creams are always made from scratch in-house. And with a strong belief in supporting local companies, we try to source from and credit local, fresh fruit growers whenever possible.

At public events, the truck usually serves Marty’s Original Waffle with or without whipped cream and a selection of 3–4 other specially topped waffles, like some of the examples below. For private events, the menu is chosen together with the client.

Partial List of Sweet Offerings